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V2 Cig Starter Kit

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So among our first to make the buy vapor cigarette starter kits list is this one by V2 cigarettes.  It’s on sale too and use our link to make sure you get that discounted price.  Keep checking back for more information on other starter kits and vapor cigarette deals.

Buy Vapor Cigarettes

As a smoker, I urge you to buy vapor cigarettes.  My reason is mainly that it is getting to be that vapor cigarette technology is truly becoming so accurate to that of a regular cigarette.  The things that you really want to make sure of however are the following:

  • Does the Vapor Cigarette draw like actual cigarettes?
  • How long does the vapor hang in the air?
  • Does the weight of that cig feel like an actual one or not?
  • What is the buy price on an actual vapor cigarette starter kit?
  • What do the refills for the vapor kit cost?
  • Do you have the same satisfaction on vapor as you do with smoke from that unit.

If you can test out several vapor cigarettes before you buy one and they meet that standard, then you my friend are very well on your way to finding the correct vapor cigarettes.

Vapor Freedom

When someone sees me smoking my vapor cigarette, they usually ask: “what are you smoking and what is the difference between traditional smokes?”  By now, I am usually surprised whenever someone does not know the difference between the two.  So, I am hoping this post helps to describe using electronic version versus traditional smoking.

Actual cigarettes, which most people are familiar with, is a traditional method of inhaling smoke, chemicals, and nicotine.  There are  thousands of chemicals and the unpleasant smell of smelling like an ashtray.  By contrast, electronic cigarettes provide nicotine without the smell and chemicals.  There are some chemicals but not nearly as much as the traditional versions.  The cool part of electronic cigarettes is their selection.  Based on the brand, I can easily switch from traditional flavor, lights, menthol, coffee, blueberry, etc. etc..  There is a variety of flavors one can smoke, again, without the icky smell.

So, let us go over the difference again: vapors are better because they are  portable, changeable, and you have the ability to smoke in more area.  This is why I switched from traditional smoking to electronic versions.  I enjoy the idea of being able to smoke indoors, at a park, at the beach, in a car, or at a party.  I still get some odd glances, as people are uncertain what I am doing.  However, once they realize I am only releasing water vapor (after explanation, of course), usually get a positive response.   If you are a smoker, give vapor cigarettes a shot!  There really is not much to lose.  If you like it, switch to it.  If it does not work out, then revert back.

Benefits of the vapor cigarettes

Love my vapor cigarettes and how I can smoke them in all kinds of places.  Was at the grocery store the other day shopping for tampons for the wifey and needed a fix so pulled out my vapor cigarettes and took a few puffs and was good to go.  No stress from any employees or customers.  I also like to mod my vapor cigarettes and tru smoke has one thats easy for the undercover bud smokers.  Just slip a little weed load, like a 2 hitter, into the spent flavor cart and the atomizer on the vapor cigarettes does the rest.  Full on sneak a toke with no lighter needed!  So go buy vapor cigarettes from tru smoke and get sneaky!

Personal Vaporizers

Personal vapes
Advanced personal vaporizers (aka ‘mods’)  are simply as any model that employs user-replaceable generic batteries and/or has a function not normally available in a mini or mid-size e-cigarette. There are two main classes of mods are tubular shaped tubemods and the box shaped boxmods.
These are not 1st genereation devices. Almost all have a hugely extended battery life over the minis, and they mostly use generic 3.7 volt lithium ion cells, a type of rechargeable battery that can be bought from many sources. Tehy look fatter with a mouthpiece

  • Performance
  • Extended battery life
  • Solid construction
  • can be pricey
  • nice construction